Ontario gas prices should fall to 163.9 cents a litre this week: Expert

Mar 16 2022, 2:41 pm

After weeks of watching gas prices climb, there’s finally some relief for car owners.

According to the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), prices are currently at 175.4/l in Toronto, a significant difference compared to last week when Torontonians were paying 184.1/l.


But is the 8.7 cent drop only the beginning?

It looks like it, according to Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy. McTeague tweeted that people should hold off on filling up as prices can continue to fall even further to as low as 163.9 by Thursday.

According to Gas Wizard, a site that predicts fuel prices, other cities are going to see a similar 5 cent drop on Wednesday, while in Vancouver and Edmonton, it will be down by 4 cents.

Gas Wizard

Could this relief be temporary?

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