Plant-based brand is encouraging Canadians to try cheating…on meat

Apr 8 2021, 1:38 pm

As plant-based options continue to garner increasing interest among Canadians, one brand is looking to spice things up by encouraging people to cheat…on meat, that is.

While switching to plant-based meat alternatives full-time might not be for everyone, Gardein is proposing that people switch things up by cheating on meat just once or twice weekly.

As part of an ongoing challenge, the brand is inspiring Canadians to incorporate Gardein’s delicious plant-based products into some of their favourite meat-inclusive recipes — from chilis and burgers to tacos and lasagna.   

Things can get dull when you’re cooking the same recipes week after week, which is why Gardein advocates for switching things up. Taking a stand against myths that plant-based alternatives are bland, the challenge’s ultimate goal is to show people they can skip meat, without skipping out on their favourite foods.

“Getting stuck in a rut in your everyday routine can impact your happiness in your personal life and with the people you love. As an expert in the study of relationships, confidence, and achieving balance, I can attest to this,” says Kimberly Moffit, Relationship Therapist and Expert.

“Small, easy changes to your everyday routine and a desire to try new things (even in the kitchen) is so important to keeping daily life exciting! I love the idea of taking a break from what you’re used to and cheating, that is, when it’s on meat.”

Since Gardein has a wide range of products to choose from — including meat-replacements for chicken, beef, pork, and fish — they’ve created a meat-cheating personality quiz to help people find out which foods they should have an affair with.

By taking the quiz, foodies have the opportunity to be matched to new freezer food favourites — like mandarin orange crispy plant-based chick’n, lightly breaded plant-based turk’y cutlets, golden fishless filets, meatless meatballs, and chipotle lime crispy plant-based fingers — based on their cooking-style and palate preferences.

Better yet, just for participating, the first 5,000 people to submit quiz entries will receive a $1 off coupon towards switching things up with Gardein and will also be entered for a chance to win a year’s supply of products — so they can cheat anytime.

“A quarter of Canadians want to add more plant-based options into their diets,” says Jonathan Yeh, Director of Brand Marketing at Conagra Brands. “With this in mind, we wanted to provide Canadians delicious plant-based alternatives to choose from, without compromising on variety or taste.”

Do you think you could cheat on meat for a week? Visit to take the “Cheat on Meat” personality quiz to find your meatless match and enter for your chance to win a one-year supply. 

You can also switch things up by visiting your local grocer and checking out Gardein’s range of products in the freezer aisle.

No purchase is necessary for participation in the quiz. Ends May 31, 2021. Visit for details.

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