Game of Thrones Wine is coming to the LCBO in July

May 30 2017, 4:51 pm

Wine is coming.

No really. Game of Thrones Wines are launching at the LCBO just in time for the season 7 premiere.

Available for pre-sale online as of July 7, and at select stores as of July 12, the wines were created by California winemaker and GOT super-fan Bob Cabral of Vintage Wine Estates.

In a press release, Cabral is quoted as saying, “I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, and these wines capture the complexity of the drama. But the wines also have great pedigree. We source grapes from premier vineyard sites and use the finest winemaking techniques to create wines of incredible richness and texture.”

The limited-edition collection includes three wines advertised as; a rich red blend “representing the Three-Headed Dragon of House Targaryen”, a fine golden Chardonnay“symbolic of the Golden Lion of House Lannister”, and an intense Cabernet Sauvignon“expressing the Direwolf of House Stark.”

Game of Throne Wines


As Tyrion Lannister says in the show,“Everything’s better with some wine in the belly,” and we happen to agree.

Those that want to drink and “know things” first, can toast the arrival of the Game of Thrones Wines at the LCBO Queen’s Quay (2 Coopers Street, Toronto) on July 12 from 12 noon to  2 pm.

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