Get FREE delivery on all McDonald's orders with SkipTheDishes this month

May 24 2019, 10:14 pm

With summer finally here, the struggle is real: Do you frolic in the fleeting Toronto sun, or keep things closer to home? (Like, extremely close.) Who needs to hit the gym/beach/park when your couch is right there and has air conditioning?

Let’s be real: When it comes to the battle between getting your McDonald’s® fix or doing almost anything else, McDonald’s wins. Every. Single. Time.

But there’s usually a downside to satisfying that McDonald’s craving — you have to seek out those Golden Arches yourself. Whether it’s in the middle of the workday or after a night out, McDonald’s is never as close as you need it to be.

Thanks to SkipTheDishes, access to all the fan-favourite McDonald’s menu items is now easier than ever.

When you’re ten episodes deep in your favourite show, it can feel almost impossible to get yourself up and over to the pantry for snacks, let alone leave your house and make the trek to cure your immediate and intense need for McNuggets®.

SkipTheDishes x McDonald’s®

But starting from July 8, you can get the holy grail of all foods delivered for free, straight to your doorstep.

In celebration of their partnership with McDonald’s, SkipTheDishes is offering free delivery on ALL orders within the GTA above $20 (not including tax or tip) placed through SkipTheDishes between July 8 and 31.

The free delivery offer is only valid in select locations across the GTA and available for one week. However, McDonald’s will continue to remain available on the SkipTheDishes network for all your future cravings.

SkipTheDishes x McDonald’s®

Waste 20 minutes driving out to get McDonald’s? Or fit in an extra episode of Friends and have it delivered straight to you? It’s an easy choice.

Order delivery using the SkipTheDishes website, or download the app for iOS or Google Play.

$20 minimum eligible food and beverage total required before taxes and tip. Offer valid from July 8 – 31, 2019. See SkipTheDishes® app for details. Delivery available at participating McDonald’s®. McDonald’s coupons, mobile app offers and promotional offers excluded from delivery.

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