Ford's "had it" with insurance companies refusing to help during pandemic

Oct 22 2020, 12:10 pm

Premier Doug Ford said that he has “had it” with insurance companies that are refusing to insure people and workplaces during the pandemic.

On Thursday, the premier said he gets “fed up” hearing stories of people who are refusing to get insured. He used an example of banquet halls that aren’t able to get insurance, and are therefore having to charge “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to their customers.

He said the same is happening for other stores and businesses.

“I’m fed up of the guys…gauging the people after they’ve made a fortune over all the years.  I’ve had it with these insurance companies. They’re refusing to insure people,” Ford said.

“You guys don’t get to get all the cream and gravy and the whipped cream. I’m onto these guys.”

Ford then said he has the political will to take on the insurance companies.

“The people are the priority, not the insurance companies making a gazillion of dollars.”