"God bless America": Ford says amid reports of US sending COVID-19 vaccines

Mar 18 2021, 11:22 am

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is thanking US President Joe Biden amid rumours that his administration is sending millions of COVID-19 vaccines to Canada.

At a press conference on Thursday, Ford was asked about a report from Reuters that the United States would be shipping 1.5 million vaccine doses to Canada as part of a “loan deal.”

“God bless America. They’re coming to our rescue,” Ford said. “President Biden, thank you.”

“That’s what true neighbours do; you help each other out in a crisis.”

The premier noted that although the reports are so far unconfirmed, he had heard “rumours” of the impending deal.

He said he’d been bugging both Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, to assist with Canada’s vaccination effort to such a degree that they must be “getting sick of Doug Ford.”

“This is good news. If they can help out, god bless ’em,” Ford said. “We’re ready. We’ll take all the vaccines you can give us. That’s fabulous news.”

“If we have to go down there and pick them up, I’ll drive down there in my pick-up and pick them up.”

To date, Ontario has seen 323,509 COVID-19 cases and 7,202 virus-related deaths.

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