TFC fan upset at shrinking size of food served at BMO Field in Toronto

Apr 6 2023, 5:57 pm

A photo of a pizza slice purchased at the BMO Field by a Toronto Football Club (TFC) fan is circulating online for its size.

The photo in question shows that it barely fits half the size of the Pizza Pizza box it comes in. The fan insists this is all that came in the box.

Shrinkflation has been a real phenomenon of late as the economy battles with inflation and rising food costs.

The TFC fan who posted the photo is a dedicated supporter of the football club. “(I’ve) been going to every game since 2016. The prices have been increasing every year,” they commented to us.

The slice was a whopping $8.95, a startling number you don’t often see for single slices around the city. They also purchased a sandwich for $24.

toronto fc pizza

The current 2023 season shows there are 34 matches, 17 of those being home games. That would run a fan an easy tab of $152.15 for pizza alone at the end of the season. To note, this does not include a beverage of any kind.

“The game experience and people working the stadium are great, but the food [and] drink prices are insane, especially compared to Europe,” mentions the fan.

A photo of pizza from a game last year shows shrinkflation has only gotten worse.

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