You can check Portugal off your bucket list with Air Transat's year-round flights

Mar 26 2018, 5:47 pm

Chances are you’re due to take a break from Toronto’s weather, especially since you braved a hellish winter. So there couldn’t be a better time to travel somewhere new, where the temperature stays toasty all year: Portugal.

Air Transat is operating year-round flights to Portugal so you can go exploring the sheer cliffs and azure seas of the stunning Algarve Coast, or the steep streets of Lisbon. And since Portugal has a warm, temperate Mediterranean climate, you’ll want travel here in the winter and summer months.

Mediterranean paradise

You can discover the beauty of the southwestern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, or take time out at a coastal beach resort destination like Cascais or Estoril, just 30 minutes outside of Lisbon.

Swap your snow boots for a day of surfing the tamer East Algarve novice waves or wilder West Algarve waves, all while topping up your tan. Immerse yourself in culture and get to know the locals at Portuguese restaurants, cafes, and museums. Or go hiking at Serra de Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, a true paradise for the outdoor adventurist.

Plus, you can take the stress out of booking your vacation with Air Transat by arranging your accommodation when you’re purchasing your flights. Whether you’re looking to stay at an in-town apartment, at a beach complex, or a chic boutique hotel, you’ll find it with Transat. And you can even add a couple of custom excursions to your package, too!

Booking with Air Transat

During the winter and until the end of April, Torontonians can fly directly to three cities in Portugal from Pearson International Airport – every week.

  • Toronto – Faro: One direct flight.
  • Toronto – Lisbon: Four flights (two direct, two flights via Montreal).
  • Toronto to Porto: One direct flight.

During the high season in the summer, Torontonians can fly directly to these cities:

  • Toronto – Lisbon: Daily flights (four direct flights and two via Montreal).
  • Toronto – Porto: Five flights a week (three direct flights and two via Montreal).

Air Transat’s multi-destination option means that you can land in a city like Lisbon, and depart from another, like Faro, or Porto – at no extra charge. It’s super easy to do and means that you can make the most of your trip to the sunny European destination.

Escape the Toronto weather blues by visiting Air Transat now to check out awesome deals on flights and packages to Portugal.

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