Fill up on tasty global-inspired flatbreads for under $10 at Mana'ish

May 29 2018, 1:43 am

Everyone has those moments (maybe once a week) where you can’t stop thinking about the comforting taste of pizza.

And when it’s rolled up flatbread style, even better.

Toronto’s Mana’ish Global Cafe on Spadina Avenue offers a serious menu of game-changing flatbreads that you need to sink your teeth into. The husband and wife team behind the restaurant, Toni and Dina, realized this cafe was the missing piece of Toronto’s middle eastern food culture scene.

They spent months working with a top chef, blending spices and researching flavours to create the Mana’ish Global Flatbread. Now you can order up creations like the classic za’atar with thyme, oregano, savory, and toasted sesame seeds topped with fresh tomatoes, olives, and mint, for just $3.50.

Of course, there’s also the must-try chimichurri beef with seasoned beef, zucchini, and red pepper, all covered in chimichurri sauce, going for only $5.50 for a classic size or $8.50 for a classic plus bowl.

And if you’re not feeling the menu items at Mana’ish, you can create your own for $3.50 or more, depending on how much you want to load on.

There’s no need to bring your wallet to Mana’ish either because it’s one of many Toronto restaurants now using Glance Pay.

This means you can easily pay your bill through the app on your smartphone and you don’t have to spend time waiting around, a winning solution. And you’re probably only going to spend about $10 or less on your meal, too.

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Check out the Mana’ish Global Cafe menu ahead of time so you can blitz out your order and chow down when you get there.

Mana’ish Global Flatbread Cafe

Where: 140 Spadina Avenue
Contact: (416) 901-6333

Facebook | Instagram 

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