First Nations group calls on PM to end "dangerous" trucker convoy

Feb 11 2022, 12:59 am

The President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs has written an open letter to the prime minister demanding an end to the “dangerous” trucker convoy.

first nations open letter trucker

Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau/UBCIC

In the letter, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip calls on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to invoke the Emergency Measures Act.

“The so-called ‘Freedom Convoy’ is dangerously transitioning from an occupation of Parliament to an escalating national insurrection,” reads the letter.

Phillip also refers to former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and says, “Your Father would not have tolerated such a despicable, blatantly racist, and hateful challenge to the democratic ideals and principles of our country – ideals and principles that courageous soldiers sacrificed their lives to defend.”

“When asked to what extent he was willing to go to defend Canada from the threat of the FLQ crisis, your late Father said, ‘Just watch me!’ before he invoked the War Measures Act.”

freedom convoy

Franklin McKay/Shutterstock

Phillip says the convoy will “destroy the democratic ideals, civil liberties, and human rights that our forbearers fought long and hard for; the time is now for the necessary emergency measures to be taken to ensure peace, safety, and security can overcome destructive division, upheaval, and disruption.”

Amanda WawrykAmanda Wawryk

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