Toronto restaurant launches reusable take-out container program

Aug 29 2019, 11:07 am

From zero-waste grocery stores to an ever-increasing demand for non-dairy milk alternatives, Toronto is proving to be highly interested in sustainability these days.

Which is why Farm’r, a casual farm-to-table spot located downtown, has launched a reusable take-out container program.

The eatery is now offering a high-quality plastic container that’s both large enough to hold a hearty meal and light enough to carry with you about your day, for a $4 deposit.

Customers can bring the dish back to the restaurant the following day, clean or dirty, for a full refund.

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The eatery’s menu is sourced as locally as possible, and the container program serves as an answer to the frustration felt by all who are tired of the waste connected to take-out orders.

Because, while a better option than standard single-use plastic, even biodegradable containers have their downsides.


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“The trouble with biodegradable containers is they rarely end up in the proper composting facility and do not decompose quickly in landfill. Meanwhile, recyclable containers are usually contaminated with food and too often end up in landfill,” said Greg Martin, Farm’r founder, in a release.

The containers offered as part of this program are microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and are overall more pleasant to eat out of than flimsy cardboard.


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The eatery is still in test-mode with this new program, and hopes to bring an option for Ritual and Foodora orders soon. They’re also working on including a glass container option, if demand shows itself.

Ultimately, the spot hopes to inspire more restaurants to move towards similar systems.

“Yes, it’s more work to offer a reusable container and to wash them, but if we can start the habit now, maybe one day it can catch on and we can make a real impact,” said Kyle.


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