You can now get food from farmers’ markets delivered straight to your door

Jun 9 2017, 2:17 am

With farmers’ markets spread out across the city and often occurring only on specific days, it can be hard for local food-loving Torontonians to stock up on essentials as needed.

Luckily, someone invented a web-app for that.

Basqets wants to deliver farmers market products direct to your door and wants to reduce delivery costs to zero simply by encouraging users to order alongside their neighbours.

Founder Gurjot Narwal shares that not all neighbourhoods have equal access when it comes to farm fresh food. He notes, on the Basqets website, that the city of Toronto has 140 neighbourhoods but there are only 34 farmers’ markets in concentrated areas in the city, with even fewer (just nine) operating year-round.

Users can sign-up to “pools” to take advantage of free delivery offered just for aligning shopping habits with others nearby. It means that Basqet-employed shoppers can scour multiple markets on your behalf and then drop it off at your doorstep in a single delivery.

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