This is how you can easily get locally farmed food in Toronto

May 7 2019, 5:15 pm

There are many benefits to living in a booming city like Toronto, but one of the caveats is that it’s easy to feel disconnected from Mother Nature.

Which is why it’s helpful to know where you can get your hands on some local, farm-grown produce. And there’s a way that you can have regular, easy access to these goods at pick-up points that are convenient for you.

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Farm Shares—also known as Community-Supported Agriculture, or CSAs—are weekly boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables that are grown and delivered by local farmers.

The contents of the boxes follow the local season, so you can expect that boxes will differ as time goes on. Typically, boxes are customizable to tastes. So if you don’t like mushrooms, you don’t have to eat them… regardless of what your mother says.

If you want a peek at what a box might look like, check out the tag #CSAbox on Instagram.


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The produce you’ll find in your box is harvested on the day you pick it up— so you can count on everything being fresh and full of flavour.

Plus, the process of retrieving boxes from spots that are located between you and the farmer reduces the total distance your food travels, and ensures that farmers get full retail price for their food.

This map helps you find a farmer with a drop-off location near you.


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It’s a win-win.