People can't believe the expensive prices at certain Toronto grocery store

May 25 2023, 6:13 pm

As consumers in Toronto continue to grapple with record food inflation, one specific grocery store in the city is continuing to earn its reputation for its “outrageously-priced” products — which according to shoppers, include $60 hot sauce and $43 cherries.

Harvest Wagon, located at 1103 Yonge Street in Rosedale and part of a cluster of businesses referred to by locals as the “Five Thieves,” is a boutique family-run business that caters “to the finest of clientele with only the best quality products.”

The store currently has a 3.9-star rating on Google, thanks to the dozens of shoppers who have criticized the market for its “unjustifiable” prices, even when considering their products’ premium value.

“The food here is excellent quality but the most insane pricing I have ever seen on food. It makes Pusateri’s look like the dollar store because the prices are so outrageous,” one customer wrote.

harvest wagon toronto“Cute shop, great location, but even so I cannot justify shopping here. $43/kg for cherries? What a farce,” another person said.

harvest wagonHarvest Wagon has taken time to respond to many of the negative or one-star reviews, writing, “Our buyer at Harvest Wagon chooses the largest and best cherries at the market for our [clientele] that he can find and as a consequence of that, the price is high. I hope that you will come back and see us again.”

harvest wagon toronto“I love this store. It’s filled with stunning produce and varieties of fruits and vegetables you can’t find anywhere else,” one review reads.

“However, I am removing one star because products can be quite pricey and prices are not always marked. More than once I’ve spent $65 on a single bottle of balsamic because there was no tag and I thought ‘how expensive can one bottle be?’ Turns out, pretty expensive.”

harvest wagon toronto“Just visited here today – the prices really are outrageous (and often not even posted). They have an amazing range of produce and it’s pretty good stuff, but given what they’re charging, it’s not worth it,” one person wrote.

“We were going to buy a bag of chips, which you might expect to pay $3.50 for anywhere else. They came out to $7.80! This is just silly. The chips are not extraordinary, or of any higher quality than you would expect from another grocery store.”

The shop continued to hear out customer concerns, but in most cases defended its premium prices, writing, “Harvest Wagon is in Rosedale so you can only imagine the amount of rent that we pay every year, but we do try to bring in unique and specialty products into the store for our customers.”

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