9 tips that'll help you get through exam season

Mar 30 2017, 7:31 am

Warning: it’s the final countdown students – exams are (quickly) approaching.

Not only are exams stressful and overwhelming, but they can sometimes feel impossible. Impossible to study for, and impossible to do well on.

However, if you promise to pay attention to these 10 tips and guidelines on how to make it through this horrible time – you are almost guaranteed to come out on top and with excellent academic standing.

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Resist the all-nighter

You will probably be tempted to stay up until the wee hours of the night studying for your exams, that is a given. (Especially if you’ve procrastinated up until the final week). However, please resist this urge. If there’s one thing you truly need during exam season, it’s sleep. Go ahead and stay up a little later than normal, but just not too late.

Study in small chunks

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Studying for hours on end is not only exhausting, but plain dumb. By studying on and off for a few hours you will retain more information and keep your sanity in the process.

Take advantage of study tools

Study apps like Quizlet.com or simple study tools such as flash cards can truly become your best friend. Although it sometimes depends on what kind of learner you are, taking extra steps is never a bad idea. By quizzing yourself with different or unique methods, you are on the way to acing your exams. Get creative!

Relax and take the occasional break

A huge issue that a lot of students face when it comes to studying and exam season, is stress and anxiety. Some exercises, like, breathing deeply, meditating, or drinking some herbal tea, are all things that you can do to calm and prepare yourself.

Occasionally between study chunks, feel free to grab a drink or a small snack and do something else to take your mind off of your work. When you get back to it, your mind should be fresh and ready to pack in some more info.

Just try not too worry too much! And if anything, just remember – C’s get degrees. (Well maybe don’t just listen to this tip alone).

Pretend you are the Prof

I don’t know about you, but when I’m editing a friend’s paper I definitely pay more attention and put in more effort then when I’m trying to correct my own.

This trick can be extremely beneficial, as long as you take it seriously. The idea is to look over your work as if you’re the one grading it. Chances are you’ll catch a few more details than you would have before.

Log off

Social media is basically the devil himself when it comes to studying or preparing for exams. I know it seems hard, but trust me, you won’t actually die from a few social medialess hours.

Putting away your phone and focussing on your work is your only priority people. Stick to it!

Get some ZZZ’s

The night before an exam is probably the most important night. Getting a good night’s sleep before a big test is so crucial, it’s scary. Go to bed early and try to not let your mind run wild before falling asleep. In the morning, you will hopefully be well rested and ready to crush your exam.

Eat some breaky

Like sleep, breakfast is also a really important factor when it comes to being fully prepared for an exam. Eating a fully balanced breakfast the morning of your exam will put you in the exact headspace you need to be in. Your tummy will be full and happy, and so will you.

Chew Gum (during the exam)

This tip is one that many students already know of, however, a lot of them only chew gum while studying. Studies have shown that if you chew gum during your actual exam, you will become a lot more focussed and you will be able to remember more information.

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