Doug Ford considering running for mayor in 2018

Aug 29 2016, 9:05 pm

Just a couple of weeks after his brother’s crack video was officially allowed to be released to the public (to much backlash), Doug Ford has indicated that he could be interested in running for mayor in 2018.

You’ll remember that Rob’s big brother ran for Toronto mayor in 2014 and lost to John Tory. Though many believe if he had had more time in the race (having stepped in at the last moment to take over for Rob when he became too ill to continue) he could have pulled off a win.

Speaking with CP24 over the weekend, Ford said, “There are two areas that are in a financial disaster right now and it’s the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario. I am just going to have to weigh out my options, talk to the family and see how we are going to serve the people.”

So, whether it’s Toronto’s mayoral race or the leadership of the Provincial Conservatives, it seems like we’ll be seeing Doug Ford in a political race sooner rather than later.

Adding fuel to the Toronto fire, Ford added, “There is no fiscal management whatsoever at the city any more. Everyone is running wild. The gravy train is in full swing. He (Tory) has gotten away with everything so far and someone has to hold him accountable.”

It sounds like Ford Nation is already back up and running in high gear.