Ford criticized for "misogynistic attack" against NDP Leader Andrea Horwath

Feb 17 2021, 8:42 pm

Premier Doug Ford is being called out for what some politicians are calling a “misogynist attack” on NDP Leader Andrea Horwath over her criticism of Ontario’s economic reopening plan.

During a Question Period on Wednesday at Queen’s Park, a heated exchange took place between the two opposing party leaders.

Horwath first said it’s “disturbing to see how far this government is prepared to go in order to justify the rushed reopening of our province.”

She asked if the premier will start listening to hospitals, doctors, and his own experts to prevent the province from entering a third COVID-19 wave and lockdown.

Ford responded saying he has listened to Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams since the start of the pandemic.

“Rather than sitting there and constantly criticizing from day one … why don’t you come and join us to support the people of Ontario for once, rather than just sit there and criticize,” he said. “It’s like listening to nails on a chalkboard listening to you.”

After the comment was made, Horwath said, “This premier always goes to the worst, worst places when he doesn’t like the questions the opposition is asking.”

And other politicians were quick to react.

Ontario Liberal Party Leader Steven Del Duca said, “Misogynist rhetoric like this has no place in the Ontario Legislature. For it to be hurled by a Premier is unthinkable. Ford should apologize immediately. We expect better.” 

And the provincial Green Party Leader added, “This kind of misogynist attack is unacceptable. The Premier should unequivocally apologize for his comment.”

Horwath wrote on Twitter following the comments made, directing her message towards women, “My message to women: don’t let anyone try to tell you you don’t belong at Queen’s Park. I’m going to continue making positive proposals to give people the help and hope they need to get through this pandemic. If Mr. Ford doesn’t like hearing my positive proposals, too bad.”

In a statement to Daily Hive, Ford’s office said, “The Premier condemns any and all forms of misogyny and sexism.”

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