Canada's first hemp and adaptogen infused bevvy captures calm in a can

Dec 21 2020, 5:18 pm

Toronto-based company Daydream Drinks launched in May of 2019, bringing Canada’s first sparkling water infused with hemp extracts and adaptogens to the market.

In less than two years, the company has developed and grown a new beverage category for those seeking a calming alternative to afternoon pick-me-up espressos or energy drinks.

Designed to de-stress busy minds and promote clarity, Daydream’s sparkling water is setting a new standard for the beverage industry (and grocery shopping lists).

“I think in today’s fast-paced society, more people are starting to realize that energy drinks and the ingredients they fill them with just burn us out faster. Being calm is the new energy,” says Alex Simonelli, Daydream’s founder.

In today’s day and age, burning out is easy. Mix in the lockdowns, travel restrictions, and not being able to spend time with our loved ones… Well, recent months have been tough to say the least.

For anyone who the above statement resonates with, the ingredients used in Daydream drinks are worth exploring. For starters, each of the brand’s caffeine-free flavours (Blackberry Chai, Cucumber Lime, and Peach Ginger) contain a mix of plant-based adaptogens and natural flavourings, while also having just 10 calories per can and zero sugar.

The adaptogens found in Daydream drinks include hemp extracts (rich in nutrients and omega 3 and 6), schisandra (a herb known for its stress-reducing properties), moringa powder (a natural source of nutrients that works as an antioxidant agent), and ginseng (renowned for helping focus and memory).

According to Healthline, adaptogens can help our bodies to “adapt to life’s doozies.” They’re herbs that allow our bodies to react to or recover from short- and long-term physical and mental stress. Adaptogens can help you stay thriving as opposed to trudging through your day.

Daydream Drinks/Nicole Rae

If you’re planning to start the new year with resolutions like looking after your health or reducing your sugar intake, Daydream fits the bill.

The fruity Blackberry Chai could easily be a replacement for your current caffeinated go-to, and the Cucumber Lime (which we can already picture drinking on a patio this summer) is a great mixer for gin cocktails. And if you’re looking for something nostalgically refreshing, it has to be the Peach Ginger (it tastes like a fuzzy peach).

Daydream was founded with a mission to inspire people to dream more, create more, and live in the present moment. At a time when there’s uncertainty abound, we could all focus a little more on the here and now. “No longer will free minds have to trade health for mental clarity,” the brand’s website reads.

If, at any point, you find yourself in need of a quick escape to a dream-like realm, take one look at Daydream’s Instagram. It’s a beautiful collection of their original content that happens to be ridiculously enjoyable to scroll through.


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Daydream drinks can be found across Ontario at over 100 different retailers, including Sobeys and Healthy Planet stores. The brand is also due to become available at all INS convenience stores as of March 2021, with the goal of nationwide grocery chains later in the year.

To get a taste of all the different Daydream flavours, you can order a six-pack sampler for $33.99 via With free shipping across Canada and a 15% off sign-up discount, giving it a try is a no-brainer… or more like a dream.

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