Dairy Queen shut down by landlord in Toronto for owing almost $30,000 in rent

May 29 2023, 9:11 pm

A Dairy Queen in Toronto was recently shut down for non-payment of rent by the landlord for the second time.

The Dairy Queen located at 351 Bremner Boulevard recently reopened after being served a similar notice in February, in which the store’s tenancy was terminated for rent arrears amounting to just over $21,000.

Blizzard fans rejoiced when the dessert shop managed to open back up, but it looks like the short-and-sweet return was only temporary.

In a local community Facebook group, one resident posted a picture of the notice posted on the storefront with the caption “RIP Dairy Queen.”

The letter, which was dated May 25 and names Concord Adex Development Corp. as the landlord, terminates Dairy Queen’s tenancy for rent arrears amounting to $26,477.15 plus all costs and fees associated with the termination.

The notice informs Dairy Queen that the locks have been changed and gives them five days to remove any remaining assets from the premises or be subject to costs thereafter.

“Again? And I had just noticed that they had reopened,” one customer wrote. “Tragic,” another person said under the Facebook post.

While it’s not clear if this Dairy Queen location will manage to rise from the dead once again, loyal customers will have to make the voyage up to the next closest location at Dragon City Mall in order to get their blizzard fix.

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