Toronto couple slow dance on subway on St. Paddy’s Day (VIDEO)

Mar 19 2018, 1:17 pm

While some look at their phones aimlessly during TTC delays, others slow dance to the tune of an accordion.

A Toronto couple taking the subway on St. Patrick’s Day came across a delay (surprise surprise.) But this wasn’t a regular subway car. Because it’s Toronto, there was a man, with his accordion, and he was playing music.

So naturally, being St. Paddy’s and all, the couple took to the subway aisle and started slow dancing.

“This guy was just jamming out when we got onto the subway car. There was a delay, so naturally…” wrote Patrick Boccongelle on his Facebook post.

And the result, a video that you can’t help but watch and say “aww.”

“Happy St. Paddy’s from my subway car to yours,” Boccongelle wrote, signing off with a heart.

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