4th presumptive case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Ontario

Feb 24 2020, 4:27 pm

The presumptive case of coronavirus initially identified by the province over the weekend has now been confirmed, according to Ontario’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa.

The presumptive case was first identified on Sunday, February 23.

“As we have a very mobile population, with a lot of travel between Canada and China, it is not surprising to learn of this new case,” de Villa said in a statement.

She also stated that more people may present symptoms because of their travel, as the disease is showing up across the globe.

But de Villa clarified that at this time the risk to the local community remains low.

For this particular case, the patient returned to Toronto after travelling to China, and had an intermittent cough that was improving.

According to de Villa, the person was wearing a mask during their travels and upon arrival in Toronto the person was given instructions at the airport to contact Ontario’s Telehealth information line.

A referral was then made for the individual to go to a hospital.

“The person presented immediately to the hospital and after completing a thorough medical assessment, COVID-19 testing was initiated,” de Villa said. “After that, the patient was discharged and is presently recovering well at home in isolation. Since arriving in Toronto, the individual has had very limited exposure to others.”

The case will be monitored closely and will be cleared when the person has two tests done 24 hours apart, that show the person is no longer infected.

To date in Ontario, there have been three resolved cases of the coronavirus.

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COVID-19 Chart for Ontario / Province of Ontario

According to the province, nine cases are currently under investigation, while 540 tests have turned out negative.

Last week, health officials in British Columbia announced its first case of COVID-19 was fully recovered, and that a sixth presumptive positive case of coronavirus has been confirmed in BC.

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