We did a comprehensive summer grocery haul for $75

Jun 22 2021, 3:15 pm

In a myriad of different ways, the past year has reshaped the landscape of everyday life.

Quick trips to the grocery store, spent perusing the aisles and probing fruit for ripeness have morphed into a mad dash to gather as many items as possible, while touching as little as possible. It sure makes me long for the halcyon days of relishing in weekend errands, but until that’s a thing again, I’ve resolved to adapt as best I can.

Easily, the most arduous part of the bi-weekly grocery run has been lugging everything home. As I’m sure many other urban dwellers without access to a car can relate, schlepping home with many, many bags (recyclable, of course) in tow is by far the most harrowing part of the new grocery experience as we know it.

Suffice to say, when I was given the opportunity to try out a new grocery delivery service — Walmart Online Grocery’s Express Delivery — I wasn’t about to turn it down. Delighted to part with my regular runs for a little while at least, I logged on and began filling up my cart.

In the spirit of remaining budget-friendly, I challenged myself to assemble a solid summer haul — comprising of enough food for a few home-cooked meals, cleaning supplies, and some self-care items for a “spa night” — for $75.

Full disclosure, I’d never used a delivery service of this kind before, assuming it would be too costly and that the convenience would come at the expense of my dwindling chequing account. To my relief, the prices all-around were super affordable and the same as those you’d find in-store at Walmart.

After browsing the virtual aisles — which I will say felt surprisingly soothing after more than a year of supermarket mayhem — and filling up my cart, I was able to pick a delivery slot that worked for me before checking out. Now, this is the part I truly braced myself for — what’s the delivery charge going to cost me?

The convenience of Express Delivery ran me $14.97 for delivery right to my door within a couple of hours. Less than it would cost me to uber to and from my nearest supermarket. Plus, I had a coupon code (FREEDELIVERY*) to offset the cost. Pleased to have had all my grocery-delivery reservations extinguished (and maybe kicking myself just a tiny bit for having not done it sooner), I eagerly awaited my delivery.

I scheduled the delivery for the end of the workday to give me ample time to do a bit of cleaning and cooking before sinking into my couch for the evening. When it arrived at 5 pm, I opened my front door to find it brimming with grocery bags. The fact that this filled me with pure, unadulterated joy is proof alone that I’m approaching my 30s, but also it’s just nice. I especially appreciated that the delivery was contactless and I was able to schedule it for a time that was convenient for me.

I took a look into each bag, recalling what I’d purchased, and sprawled the fresh produce onto my kitchen island for a brief marvel before tucking everything into the fridge. Summer, for me, means fresh fruit, like watermelon, pears, and lots of citruses. Plus, Walmart’s Fresh Guarantee means I’m guaranteed to get the freshest produce.

I stocked up on ingredients to make a delicious curry stir fry, including rice, AAA Angus beef strips, peppers, white mushrooms, Spanish onion, fresh garlic, and scallions. Never one to pass up a pastry, I also indulged in some croissants from the bakery section, which I fully intend to smother in fruit and hazelnut spread with my morning coffee.

Something that stood out to me throughout the entire experience was the ease with which I could replenish my fridge, pantry, cleaning closet, and bathroom shelf all in one go. What would have normally been a few trips to multiple stores I was able to accomplish with a few quick clicks.

What to do with all that extra time? I opted to do a summer cleaning, giving all those nooks and crannies I’ve been neglecting throughout the winter months some much-needed love. To make it extra on-brand, I sprung for lavender-scented everything in the hopes that it would give my apartment a fresh and floral feel.

Feeling quite industrious — and a little hungry after all that scrubbing — I endeavoured to take the ultimate taste test of all my fresh ingredients, cooking up that stir fry I mentioned. After, admittedly, going a little off the rails restaurant delivery-wise these past few weeks, a homecooked meal really hit the spot.

After checking off just about every box on the spectrum of self-care, it was time to sink into the couch with a pore strip and a good book. Did I nod off within 10 minutes of my “spa night?” Yes. Was it worth every minute? Also, yes.

To learn more about getting fast, affordable, and contactless Express Delivery for everything from pet food to organic produce, you can visit walmart.ca/grocery.

*New customers can get their first Express Grocery delivery free on orders over $75 with coupon code FREEDELIVERY.

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