5 chocolate-centric traditions to indulge in this holiday season

Nov 24 2017, 1:47 pm

With Christmas fast approaching and Toronto’s first ever Christmas Chocolate + Pastry Fair on this weekend, tis the season to indulge!

While chocolate is a treat enjoyed year round, it also plays an integral part in plenty of holiday traditions. Here are five of our favourite chocolate-centric activities to enjoy this season.


Real Layers

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Holiday baking can be extra rewarding where the joy of creating is amplified by the appreciation of eating! This season, whip up a batch of cookies, pipe a little extra frosting on those homemade desserts, or get creative with your family recipes.

Sipping Hot Cacao Outside

christmas chocolate and pastry fair hot chocolate

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Upgrade your winter activities, be it meandering through a Christmas market or skating on one Toronto’s excellent outdoor rinks, by accompanying it with a cup of hot cocao. You can always indulge in seasonal drinks from a cafe or BYO hot beverages in a thermos.

Movie Binging

christmas socks hot chocolate netflix binging


Netflix and chill warm-up this Christmas season not just by binging on TV series and holiday movies but also with snacks in hand! Whether craving peppermint popcorn or polishing off chocolatey Christmas crunch, this holiday tradition is one of the best ways to enjoy your downtime once all the parties and family dinners are over.

Counting down to Christmas

advent calendars

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Advent calendars are cherished Christmas tradition that’s kind of like a practice run for holiday eating. Pop out and savour a mouthful of chocolate each day in December as you begin to fortify yourself for all the holiday eating to come.

Stuffing stockings

christmas stocking


Looking for sweet treats to fill those stockings hanging by the fireplace? Boxed chocolates, choco-Santascookies, and popcorn are the answer! These festive foods are always appreciated and they take up lots of room… you know… in case some of those stockings are XXL.

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