High Park cherry blossoms expected to bloom next week

Apr 30 2019, 6:25 pm

Following the recent unseasonably chilly weather, the High Park cherry blossoms have proven to be resilient against the cold.

According to Sakura in High Park’s latest update, while the buds appear to be healthy, the less than ideal conditions recently have slowed down the progress overall, as most buds still remain in the fourth stage of development, with very few moving into the fifth stage.

Heading into the week, Toronto is expected to bit hit with a mixture of warm double-digit temperatures and rain.

And while the trees like the warmth, the rain can put a damper on the buds’ development, which is why Sakura in High Park is predicting the buds will reach peak bloom next week.

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If the current weather systems keep on track, then cherry blossoms will begin to open this weekend around May 3 to 5, according to the update.

“With a much drier, warmer, and sunnier week ahead, we should also expect to see the peak bloom with the trees displaying 70% of beautiful white flowers between May 7 to 12.”

But always keep in mind that there is a window when the bloom can occur, which means the peak bloom could happen on any day within the 7 to 12 date range.

Once the blossoms reach peak bloom, for the first time ever, vehicles will not be allowed to park or drive through High Park during the peak bloom period between late April through early May.

This means you will not be allowed to drive into the park to any of the lots near Grenadier Café, Children’s Playground, or High Park Zoo.

The change is aimed to increase public safety and ease traffic congestion both in the park and surrounding neighbourhood.

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