Fast-growing startup Top Hat is hiring sales roles, and you can apply right now

Nov 20 2018, 4:24 am

Canada’s job vacancy rate hasn’t been this high in years.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) recently released a report detailing how Canada’s job vacancy rate hit 3.1% in the quarter from April to June this year. And this is the highest rate since 2014 when the CFIB started tracking this data.

Yet despite this, the sales sector has become a candidate-driven field. According to Canada’s largest staffing firm, Randstad, sales representative came in as the second most in-demand job this year.

If you’re a talented salesperson, you’re free to pick and choose from amazing job opportunities. But you’ll want to work somewhere you can help accelerate growth with a high-performing team. Introducing Toronto-based software company: Top Hat. This rapidly-growing firm is hiring for sales positions at a career fair on December 6.

Here’s a look at why you’ll want to apply.

World-class leadership

Top Hat provides a market-leading cloud-based teaching platform for higher education. The company has experienced huge growth over the past five years and recently hired John Hood to head up its revenue-generating functions — inside sales, enterprise sales, and customer success. Hood’s background? He previously held regional leadership roles at Dell in the US and Asia, and at HP and Oracle in the Americas.

CEO and co-founder of Top Hat, Mike Silagadze, saw value in bringing in a chief revenue officer with experience building successful sales organizations at some of the largest software companies in the world.

“In order to build on the exponential growth we’ve been experiencing, we knew we had to assemble the most driven and capable sales team possible,” said Silagadze. “To do this, we needed to become more than a great place for people to start a career and then move on. We had to provide our sales team with a world-class leader who would create the right environment for them to stay and build a career at Top Hat. And that’s what John has done.”

Crowdsourcing the work environment

Hood began by launching a grassroots program designed to create a highly motivated workforce. Rather than mandating change from the top down, his approach was to let the salesforce identify the biggest barriers to engagement.

Together, they solved a challenge around role design. The new Top Hat CRO helped to create greater clarity as to the different roles available to prospective hires at the company. This gives prospective applicants like you a chance to see a well-defined pathway for your career growth at Top Hat.

Compensation for sales staff

Next up was compensation, the Top Hat team switched from a monthly commitment to a monthly draw to make earnings more predictable and to help with cash flow, while still providing a financial upside for high-performing sellers.

The company also offers a “leave bonus” to any new salespeople. This means that you can leave within your first two months of employment and have a severance equal to six weeks base pay. By doing this, Top Hat makes sure people are really engaged in their role at the company. If you’re not, you get the freedom to find another opportunity without the financial worries of changing jobs.

Training for sales roles

Like many organizations, Top Hat has a sales onboarding program. But what makes theirs different?

Top Hat’s Sales University is powered by the Top Hat platform and technology, which enables new recruits to develop a deep sense of knowledge about the product that they’re being positioned to sell.

Hood and his leadership team also introduced a “learn/do” approach to sales development, which lets trainees to actively test their new skills over the six-week Top Hat Sales University experience. This gives you the chance to become an expert in the product you’re selling, and in turn, increase your sales.

If you’re up for the challenge of building a successful sales career at Top Hat, check out the company’s hiring event on December 6 at their Toronto HQ. Make sure to apply here to be invited to attend the event.

Top Hat Toronto Hiring Event 

When: Thursday, December 6
Time: 5:30 to 8 pm
Where: Top Hat Toronto – 151 Bloor Street West Suite 200
Admission: Apply here to attend

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