Best in snow: Senior dog experiences one last Canadian snow day (PHOTOS)

Aug 23 2022, 5:13 pm

A Calgary dog owner took to Reddit looking to help their 11-year-old dog have one last snow day. A local rink made sure that could happen.

Canadianbuilt on Reddit said that their dog Brooke loved playing in the snow, but wasn’t going to make it to winter. They said last week they thought they had a few weeks left with Brooke but were informed they only had a few days.

The folks at the Bowness Sportsplex jumped to action and according to a follow-up post from Canadianbuilt, immediately started piling up snow outside of their rink for the Calgary dog.

Brooke rolled in the snow for a bit, before returning home. She passed away a few hours later.

Canadianbuilt said their girlfriend had the dog since Brooke was a puppy.

“Brooke loved to go for long walks, roll around in the grass and snow when there was some, paddleboard down the Bow River, snowshoe. If it wasn’t too hot, she would run beside us on the mountain bike trails. We watched movies as a family together all the time, she had a special spot on our couch, and at the foot of our bed, we always kept the AC in our master bedroom cranked to 9,000 so she would be comfortable and my girlfriend and I would just bundle up.”

They said they did everything they could to make what time they had left perfect.

“We made it the best three days we could: we went down to the river one last time, made her all the meals she liked to eat, bacon for treats all day, hung out in the backyard, watched some sports with Dad (girlfriend’s dad), and found some snow for her last day.”

The post said Brooke was the runt of the litter and made every day better.

“Brooke was loved so so much, but she did so much more for us. With the state of the world we live in now, it was so refreshing to get home at the end of a day and she was there wagging her tail running to greet me, with my girlfriend shortly behind, both ready to give me kisses.”

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