A burger and beer pop-up event is landing in Toronto this month

Nov 6 2019, 12:04 pm

If a burger and beer-centric event speaks to you (read: if you’re essentially anyone), then goodness gracious, you’re in luck.

Because Toronto-based burger pop-up Meat the Band is hosting another beefy pop-up this month.

Taking place at The Dakota Tavern at 249 Ossington Avenue on November 17, the event’s tickets cost $15 and include either a beer, a bourbon, and a double cheeseburger or a beer and a “Beyond Meat the Band” burger.

Yes, veg-heads, that means you’re welcome too.

After that, the spot will allow you to tuck into all the burgers your belly can bare for $5 a piece.

Beers from Henderson’s brewing will also be five bucks, and you’ll be able to throw back a bourbon or two, too, if that’s your preferred taste.

While you enjoy your eats and drinks, you’ll be able to spectate live music performances — so, you’re basically looking at dinner and a show.

@hungryhungryhipgrave / Instagram

Promising to serve up “an epic cheeseburger like no other,” the event’s tickets are available online now.

So if you’re getting ready for hibernation and you want to tuck into a carb-heavy night before you do, grab your ticket and mark your calendar.

Meat the Band

Where: The Dakota Tavern – 249 Ossington Avenue
When: November 17 from 8 pm
Tickets: Available online