New beer directory tells you which nearby breweries deliver

Apr 29 2020, 4:00 pm

Yes, you can boot up the ol’ Internet and search your favourite beer purveyors, one-by-one, to see what their availabilities are for the day.

Or, you can find all of the information you’re seeking in one, organized space.

Beer Finder is offering you the chance to choose the latter. The new, searchable online directory helps you find which Ontario craft beers are available for delivery, straight to your door.

In its first two weeks of existence, the website has already attracted more than 10,000 users, with hundreds more being added daily. Through the site, you can search 1,000 Ontario craft beers by style, ingredient, delivery area, and other keyword filters.

Beers from over 100 Ontario craft breweries are listed, including Bellwoods Brewery, Muskoka, and Nickel Brook, plus more niche faves like Burdock, Blood Brothers, and Rainhard.

The directory takes you straight through to each brewery’s ordering site, and the data is updated frequently so you can check back to find out what’s available now. 

The site’s creator, Cam Sloan, is a beer-loving web developer. Beer Finder started as a distraction and passion project as he — like many — found himself recently out of work.

“In all honesty, I just wanted a way to find out who has milkshake IPAs without having to go to every brewery’s website one by one. That made me think — there are probably hundreds of us with the exact same problem. Especially now, when direct delivery is the best and safest option,” he said in a release.

Sloan quickly recruited long-time friend Dan Kaufman, who worked on the brewery supply side of the beer industry before he was laid off due to the pandemic. Now, he’s a founding member of the Beer Finder team.

“Supporting the beer industry is crucial right now,” he said.

And this directory, straightforward and user-friendly, makes it easier to do just that.

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