Why these 5 beauty services are all the rage, according to a skin expert

Mar 30 2022, 4:00 pm

Over the past 24 months, while we eagerly awaited a gradual return to normalcy, many of us put little acts of self-care, like booking beauty services, on hold.

But things are finally looking up now; we’re attending concerts, returning to the office, and planning vacations to the destinations on our bucket lists. As we get back into the rhythm of our schedules, we want to feel good from the inside out.

An integral part of this is looking after our skin, the armour we wear out into the world. While it’s easy to zero in on a treatment favoured by a celebrity or influencer you follow on social media, this particular beauty service might not be the best solution for you.

Skincare expert and owner of Vertex Aesthetics on Queen Street East, Vanessa Prieto, recommends thinking of the process beyond the polished photos you see online or in magazines and treating it with respect because everyone’s skin is different and requires a personal assessment.

Beauty services consultation at Vertex Aesthetics

Vanessa Prieto, owner of Vertex Aesthetics, meeting with a client (Vertex Aesthetics)

Prieto’s approach to working with clients is holistic, from the complimentary discovery consultation to reviewing progress after treatments. At her cozy, warm, and exceptionally relaxing Riverside aesthetics clinic, she supports Torontonians on their unique skincare journeys with customized care and compassion.

“Your biggest cheerleader will be me,” is something she often tells clients; it’s a reminder that she’s there to support them and ensure they feel comfortable each time they visit. Providing safe treatments is a priority for Prieto, and all equipment and products used at the clinic are Health Canada-approved. 

As a certified, qualified professional in the beauty sphere with over five years of experience, Prieto tells us a one-size-fits-all method is not how skincare works. She shared with us five of the most popular treatments at Vertex Aesthetics and the concerns they treat.

OxyGeneo facial

Vanessa Prieto, owner of Vertex Aesthetics, preparing a client for OxyGeneo facial

Vanessa Prieto, owner of Vertex Aesthetics, with a client receiving an OxyGeneo facial (Vertex Aesthetics)

This three-in-one super facial contains OxyPod technology to exfoliate, oxygenate, and nourish the skin. Anyone concerned with dry, chapped skin, acne, or body pigmentation might find this treatment effective. It harnesses the Bohr Effect (sending oxygen-rich blood to the skin to replace the carbon dioxide) to increase cellular activity and oxygenation in the skin while nourishing it with active ingredients and vitamins to result in a healthy glow.

These active ingredients, Prieto says, help nourish the skin — making it feel more active and alive. “You will see a glow from the beginning to the end, and the skin completely recharges itself from the treatment.” Clients are advised to feel their skin before the treatment and afterwards. “Just by touching the skin, you will notice the difference.”

Laser hair removal

Skin type assessment for a laser hair removal client at Vertex Aesthetics

Vanessa Prieto, owner of Vertex Aesthetics, conducting a skin type assessment for a laser hair removal client (Vertex Aesthetics)

Many clinics offering laser hair removal use a cooling gel to make the experience less uncomfortable and reduce the risk of side effects for clients, explains Prieto. At Vertex Aesthetics, she set out to find a treatment option suitable for all hair types that would offer lasting results with minimum discomfort. Now, clients who book a laser hair removal session are treated with advanced SharpLight technology — an option that requires no cooling gel.

Vanessa Prieto, owner of Vertex Aesthetics at her salon

Vanessa Prieto, owner of Vertex Aesthetics (Vertex Aesthetics)

Hair reduction happens when energy from the advanced SharpLight dynamic pulse control (DPC) device is transformed to heat in the active growth follicles of the hair, limiting regrowth and resulting in noticeable results — faster. The tip of the device also has a built-in cooling piece. “You don’t even feel the heat,” and it’s relatively painless as the light is adjusted to the proper parameters of the client’s skin type, hair colour, and hair type — ensuring the skin will not be burnt or harmed. “This is a very advanced technology, and I feel so proud to have this,” says Prieto.

Laser skin rejuvenation

Vanessa Prieto, owner of Vertex Aesthetics, performing a laser skin rejuvenation treatment

Vanessa Prieto, owner of Vertex Aesthetics, performing a laser skin rejuvenation treatment (Vertex Aesthetics)

Treatments that target rejuvenation of the skin can address “everything that you’re concerned about,” Prieto tells us. “For example, large pores, the texture of your skin, or those little vessels that you may be developing if you have very fragile skin.” Laser rejuvenation “helps improve the condition of your skin,” from making it a little smoother to removing skin imperfections — revealing younger-looking skin.

SharpLight systems are used to achieve rejuvenation of the skin on the face, chest, neck, and hands for clients at Vertex Aesthetics — with no downtime required. “This helps improve the appearance and also increases collagen and elastin production to make your skin younger and plumper.” The technology coagulates blood vessels to eliminate pigmented spots, many of which can be caused by sun damage.

Body contouring and skin tightening

Vanessa Prieto, owner of Vertex Aesthetics

Vanessa Prieto, owner of Vertex Aesthetics (Vertex Aesthetics)

“This is very trendy and growing in the market not just because of popularity; it’s how effective it is for transforming extra fat pockets in our body,” says Prieto. The advanced treatment gives clients “peace of mind” while also being a “relaxing, calming, and soothing” experience. Body contouring treatments at Vertex Aesthetics involve radio frequency (RF), and the team also uses a “combination of infrared light to improve and change the shape of the body in that specific area.”

Prieto explains this treatment can be used to target fat cells in multiple areas — like the abdomen, arms, legs, and even under the lower jawline. “With radio frequency, we increase the normal temperature of our body to a therapeutic temperature that causes fat cell destruction, remodelling the area treated, and yet it feels nice and warm.” While skin tightening and body contouring treatments are alternatives to surgery that “are very safe,” Prieto says clients need to have “the right profile for this kind of treatment” to ensure they’re going to be “safe and comfortable throughout the whole process.”

Chemical peels

Vertex Aesthetics superficial peel mix

Superficial peel mixed at the clinic (Vertex Aesthetics)

There are multiple chemical peels available from different cosmetic brands, Prieto notes. Something she commonly sees is people are concerned about getting this type of treatment due to misconceptions that it might burn or irritate their skin. “We have the medical-grade peels that vary in depth going from deep, medium, and superficial chemical peels, and the more superficial peels still deliver results,” she says.

“Chemical peels are great options to improve the cell turnover of the skin, which means it renovates the cells. The faster that we have this process, the more we are delaying the aging process in our skin; the more we delay the formation of new fine lines and wrinkles we are reducing the depletion of collagen and the plumpness of the skin.”

It’s important to take your lifestyle into account when choosing a chemical peel, and Prieto says an assessment can help find the best result for your needs.

If you’re ready to achieve the results you desire in tandem with healthy lifestyle habits and consistency, it’s worth visiting Vertex Aesthetics. “I will be more than happy to give new clients the chance to have a different experience because that’s what they need,” adds Prieto.

Clients who are new to the aesthetics clinic can get 20% off their first session (on any treatment) during the grand opening promotion period — from now through April 15. To browse the full range of treatment options and book a free consultation, visit vertexaesthetics.ca.

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