Annex Queen Video has been transformed into a brand new escape room

Jul 17 2019, 10:30 pm

Annex Queen Video has been transformed, but the new look pays homage to its past.

The space, no longer a store for video rentals, has been turned into an escape room that honours the vintage vibe of the VHS and VCR.

The Tape Escape is described, in a release, as “a series of story-based, puzzle-infused mysteries staged inside of a brick-and-mortar VHS rental store.” A visit to this spot allows you to step back into the 90s with your crew and uncover untold tales along the way.

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There are three different puzzles to try, which are all movie-themed, and the old video store has been made even more vintage with the installation of over 5,000 VHS cassettes.

And that’s a fair way to embody the space of what was the longest-running video rental operation in Canada. Annex Queen Video closed its doors in April after 38 years in business, but through this escape room, the spot keeps rolling.

The Tape Escape

“I remember going on my first date to a video store, walking the aisles, and imagining our different possible futures depending on which movies we drew closer to. Now, when I pick up a tape, I remember how I felt when I first watched it. What frightened me. Which character made me sweat. Who kept me company when I felt all alone,” says co-creator Vanessa Smythe.

“The Tape Escape will recreate that space of playground and possibility.”

The Tape Escape

The escape room is open Wednesday through Sunday, with one-hour experiences running each day from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Created by Vanessa Smythe, Mitchell Cushman and Nick Bottomley, with Production Design by Anahita Dehbonehie and Nick Blais, the space is sure to offer you the Throwback Thursday, or a Flashback Friday… or whatever kind of vintage weekend vibe you seek.

For more information and tickets, you can check out the spot’s website.

The Tape Escape

If video killed the radio star, does this mean that… the escape room killed the video star?

We’ll let you solve that mystery for yourself.

The Tape Escape

Address: 480 Bloor Street West

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