This Infinity Mirror room will be on display at the AGO forever

Dec 4 2018, 6:39 pm

If you missed your chance to experience Japanese conceptual artist Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Rooms” at the AGO this spring, you’re about to have another chance to experience infinity.

According to the AGO, the critically acclaimed artist’s Infinity Mirror Room — Let’s Survive Forever is coming to the gallery permanently.

Following the successful #InfinityAGO crowdfunding campaign, the gallery acquired Canada’s first Infinity Mirror Room artwork by internationally renowned artist Kusama.

The crowdfunding campaign, which had a $1.3 million goal, received over 4,700 donations, in addition to a fund from David Yuile and Mary Elizabeth Hodgson.

According to the AGO, the exhibit features mirrored orbs suspended from the ceiling and arranged on the ground.

This room is bigger than many other Infinity Mirror Rooms and can fit up to four people inside at a time.

The installation “ups the ante” by placing an Infinity Room within an Infinity Room by installing a mirrored rectangular column inside a mirror installation.

“If you peer through the holes of the column, you can see a seemingly endless array of steel orbs extending in every direction,” reads a release from the gallery.

The work, which is currently under construction, is set to arrive in Toronto in Spring 2019. Donors will be the first to see it once it’s installed.

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