Adults in three COVID-19 hotspots can register for vaccines at UHN

Apr 13 2021, 8:24 am

People age 18 to 49 living in three of Toronto’s COVID-19 hotspots postal codes can now register for a vaccine appointment through University Health Network.

The coordinating body for several downtown hospitals expanded its vaccine registry this week as the province tries to reach essential workers living in hard-hit neighbourhoods.

The three postal codes the registry opened to are:

  • M5V
  • M6E
  • M6H

Signing up for the registry does not mean an individual has an appointment. It means UHN will send out a notification when a vaccine appointment becomes available.

The provincial government identified dozens of postal codes that are considered COVID-19 hotspots based on epidemiological data.

hotspot postal codes

Government of Ontario

The City of Toronto has said anyone 18 or over living in those neighbourhoods will be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine sooner.

People age 50 and up living in Toronto’s hotspot neighbourhoods can register for a vaccine at a City-run clinic by using the provincial booking tool.

Younger hotspot residents need to wait for a mobile pop-up clinic to visit their area because online booking will not be available, Toronto officials have said. No timeline for these sites has been announced.

UHN’s vaccine registry is also open to first responders, health workers, Indigenous adults, faith leaders, and people with health conditions living in Toronto. Signing up for the registry will lead to a vaccine appointment at one of the network’s hospitals.

UHN asks that only individuals who are seeking their first dose use the registry.

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