96% of graduates from this online school are accepted into top universities

Nov 19 2020, 6:53 pm

Deciding where to go for university or college is a huge undertaking for any student. When facing this monumental decision, it makes sense to pick the high school experience that will best prepare you for success. 

Of course, this year, that choice looks a little different.

While schools across the country are currently learning how to adapt to smaller class sizes with social distancing and at-home learning. Ontario Virtual School (OVS) has been teaching this way for over a decade. They’re a leader in the field of online high school education.

In fact, their pedagogy of flexibility has resulted in 96% of their graduates being accepted to top universities.

Canadian parents and their children have shared concerns amidst the current pandemic about the school system’s ability to deliver learning effectively. Based on a Leger poll, 79% of Ontarians are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian students’ continuity of learning.

Will the social distancing protocols work? Will students receive an education that prepares them for post-secondary? These are difficult times, but choosing a school like OVS could be the solution parents are searching for.

OVS is already a trusted leader in the virtual learning space with over 8,000 students enrolling each year, making that 96% stat even more impressive.

Two-thirds of Ontarians are concerned that teachers aren’t trained well enough to deliver e-learning. At OVS, students are assigned to one of over 100 government-certified teachers, specifically trained with years of experience teaching online. 

Of course, all of the required high school classes are available, like English and Mathematics, but there is also a plethora of unique and fun courses (120, in fact) — a variety which simply isn’t feasible within the confines of a traditional day school model.

At OVS, students can take electives like Photography, learning the ropes of studio work, including print work, multimedia, and sculpting. Or, they can study languages, with options like French, Mandarin, or Farsi. There’s even a virtual foods class (something parents tired of cooking at home might be thankful for). Or, kids can think about taking the Designing Your Own Future class — something we all probably could have benefitted from as adolescents.

Regardless of the classes they choose, all OVS students are afforded the unique ability to tailor their education to their learning style. This means they decide which classes to take and when, learning at their own pace based on their individual needs. And if you’re worried about students falling off track with such a flexible model — don’t be! With OVS’s engaging multimedia videos and dedicated student success team that regularly checks in with students, it’s easy to achieve your goals — whatever they may be.

OVS isn’t just a high quality and reliable education solution for kids and parents. It’s also a great option for mature students looking to complete their diploma or upgrade previous marks. OVS offers a flexible alternative for anyone who is unable to attend a traditional high school due to injury, learning disability, or location.

For students from Ontario, OVS is able to manage credit transfer with the respective school boards to ensure that all courses can be counted towards their localized diploma.

This virtual school is also an excellent way for international students to receive a Canadian education, making their post-secondary application process much simpler. 

So, whether you want to get into the best university for your degree, start your pathway into a trade, or simply earn your high school diploma, OVS may be just what you’re looking for.

Visit the Ontario Virtual School website to learn more or register for a course today.

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