Here are 6 easy steps to help make running part of your lifestyle

Mar 25 2019, 7:03 pm

Let us start off by stating the obvious: Cardio ain’t easy.

With the majority of the population cringing at the thought of going for a run, it’s perfectly understandable. It can be such a chore getting out of the house and going running or jogging, even for those with an already active lifestyle!

But if your desire to embrace a healthy lifestyle is limited by your complete lack of personal fitness, don’t give up just yet. The benefits of going for a run are innumerable, both mentally and physically. Think of all the calories you’ll burn, the strength you’ll build in your joints and muscles, and all the other fitness benefits! New year, new you (we know it’s already April, but better late than never, right?)

With winter over and the glorious spring weather finally upon us, it’s about time you get outside and get in the habit of going running or jogging. There are plenty of ways to find a way to run happy and look forward to hitting the pavement. Here are some steps to take to finally make running a part of your lifestyle in 2019.

Start slow

Pretty self-explanatory. Don’t try and jump into the deep end straightaway! You’ll only scare yourself into never running. Ever. Again.

Ease into it, and pick up the pace only when you feel like you’ve warmed up. You can even start your run by walking and slowly increasing the pace when you’ve built your stamina up.

Pick scenic routes

Come on, we live in Canada! There are so many beautiful places to go for a run, that you don’t have to run the same dreary route day after day. Whether you head to the local park or the nearest beach on a sunny day, a change of scenery can actually do wonders for your mental outlook.

When all your focus is on your new surroundings, you won’t even notice the time flying by, and there’s no pressure on yourself. You don’t have to run a specific amount of time or at a specific pace. Just head out the door and run wherever and however long you desire!

Create the perfect playlist

Doing cardio along to an awesome beat is really the only way to get yourself super pumped. It’s also great to have good tunes to block the rest of the world out while you work out.

Often, music distracts people from fatigue, elevates mood, and increases endurance. While listening to music, you may find yourself running farther than usual without even realizing it!

Take your dog along

Of course, this one only applies to those with a furry best-pal. Why not kill two birds with one stone — grab that leash and your pup, and hit the pavement. You’ll both motivate each other to go for that daily run.

Eat more

While this step seems odd, it’s true. Many runners, in particular, women, don’t consume enough calories to support their running habit — and that may be what’s making your running seem difficult.

Low-carbohydrate diets promoted for weight loss are disastrous for endurance athletes. Also, eating a quick-energy snack an hour or so before you head out for your run can also help with energy levels.

Wear the right gear

This tip is two-fold, really. Firstly, if you go out for a run or a jog in your newest running shorts and shoes, then half the battle is already won. Who doesn’t love showing off their most stylish workout outfit? Looking good out there can give you a huge mental boost, and that’s enough motivation for us sometimes.

Secondly, having an ideal pair of running shoes that are comfortable and well-fitted are important if you plan on going for consistent runs, lest you end up with blisters on your heels or worse, bruised toenails. Ouch.

A rule of thumb is that a pair of running shoes should last between 600 to 800 kilometres of running. If the midsoles or outsoles are showing signs of wear, it may be time for a new pair of runners!

For starters who are getting into the habit of running, we suggest trying the well-cushioned Brooks Revel 2, or for seasoned runners who want to add more energy return to their run, the Brooks Levitate 2, both available now at SportChek.

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