WHO reports largest single-day increase in global coronavirus cases

Jun 22 2020, 2:25 pm

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases across the world on Sunday, with 183,020 confirmed known cases in a 24-hour period.

According to a situation report published on Sunday, the majority of the surge in cases came out of the Americas (116,041), South-East Asia (20,248), and the Eastern Mediterranean (18,975).

In terms of individual countries, Brazil came in with the most confirmed diagnosed cases of coronavirus in 24-hours, with 54,771 cases, followed by the United States, with 36,617 known cases. India also saw large numbers, reporting 15,413 new infections.

In total, the WHO reported 8,708,008 confirmed cases of coronavirus across the world on Sunday, with 4,743 new deaths in the one day, bringing the total number to 461,715.

For coronavirus-related deaths, most of them came out of the Americas (3,241), with the bulk of them coming out of Brazil (1,206), the United States (690), and Mexico (647).

Many countries have begun to lift their various border and travel restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. Local businesses have followed suit and reopened their doors, prompting people to venture back into the world again.

Experts also believe that the increase in the number of confirmed known cases could also be correlated to increased accessibility to more widespread testing.

The United States continues to have the highest number of confirmed known cases of coronavirus in the world. However, groups across the country are continuing to gather in large masses.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York recently issued a warning to residents that he would reverse the state’s reopening plan if they continue to gather in large numbers. This cautionary message was motivated by a video that surfaced online of crowds at St. Mark’s Place in New York City’s East Village, which prompted him to issue a tweet stating simply, “Don’t make me come down there.”

Similarly, a significant number of people have been seen gathering in various Las Vegas venues, with individuals not adhering to physical distancing measures or wearing facial coverings.

Elsewhere, after going 24-days without any new transmissions, New Zealand confirmed on June 16 that it had two new known cases of coronavirus. As of June 22, that number has increased to nine active cases.

Government officials recently decided to extend a travel warning for over 160 countries as a preventative measure against further transmissions.

As well, Beijing in China has reverted its emergency level from three to two following a spike in the number of coronavirus cases after a breakout at Xinfadi, the city’s largest wholesale market.

According to a situation report published today, June 22, there are 8,860,331 confirmed known cases of coronavirus globally, with 465,740 deaths.

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