Watch the magic unfold as dolphins frolic in bioluminescent water (VIDEOS)

Apr 27 2020, 7:34 pm

Times are tough, and it’s safe to say that we could all use a little bit of wonder and magic in our lives right about now.

Luckily, video footage has been captured of two of the most naturally occurring magical things to exist on this earth: dolphins and bioluminescence.

In a video posted to Facebook by Newport Coastal Adventure, viewers can indulge in the breathtaking sight of dolphins frolicking in bioluminescent waters off the coast of Newport Beach in California.

“Last night Capt. Ryan took the Zodiac out to look for dolphins, and together with friend Patrick Coyne filmed this amazing interaction with a pod of dolphins as they lit up the night,” the video’s description explains.

Coyne shared his own video of the incredible encounter on his Instagram, describing in the caption how it was “truly one of the most magical nights of [his] life.”


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He continued that capturing the footage was incredibly challenging for multiple reasons, including the fact that the bioluminescence has “sweet spots” where it shows up and quickly fades away, making it incredibly difficult to find.

“Not only that, but actually finding any type of animal in pitch black is just so ridiculously hard,” Coyne explains. “Conditions have to be absolutely perfect for the bioluminescence to show up and to have an animal swim through it so we can film it.”

Although it was challenging, the video that he was able to capture is utterly breathtaking. Two of nature’s most beautiful creations playing together in harmony is something genuinely enchanting to behold.

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