These are some of the creepiest objects from around the world (PHOTOS)

Apr 24 2020, 3:30 pm

With their doors shut, museums all over the world have had to get creative with sharing their collections.

On April 17, the Yorkshire Museum in the United Kingdom put out a call to galleries to showcase their creepiest objects, prompting curators to sift through their pieces. Boy, they did not disappoint.

Here are some of the creepiest figures to come out of our world’s museums.

These figures reside in the York Castle Museum in the UK and are made of crabs legs and claws.

Here’s a mermaid from National Museums Scotland.

Check out this Plague Mask from the Deutsches Historisches Museum and be thankful for the fabric masks we have today.

This fox with a human face made of wax at The Museum of Witchcraft is definitely a thing of nightmares.

This wax mannequin is certainly at home at the Museum of Fear and Wonder.

This toy bear with red eyes from the Toy Museum of Penshurst Place certainly won’t be at the top of our wishlist this Christmas.

Perhaps not as creepy as Bong Joon-ho’s film Parasite, but these botfly larvae inside the stomach of a horse definitely have us queasy.

The mummified cat itself isn’t creepy, but the fact that it was found concealed in the floorboards of the York Mansion House is.

This doll’s face says it all.

While the Grant Museum of Zoology displays many creatures, this half-pregnant cat irks many visitors.

Coyotes, kind of cute. Decomposing coyotes? Creepy.

This thing at the Science Museum in London is so creepy that we don’t even know what to class it as.

Last but not least are these television props of severed and injured limbs.

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