A Washington student is petitioning for school sports to take place this fall

Aug 31 2020, 3:20 pm

Student athletes across the state have formed a petition calling for Governor Jay Inslee to allow for traditional sports to be played this fall as originally scheduled.

The petition was started by Cole Norah, who’s spoken on behalf of the Student Athletes of Washington (SAW).

In the petition, Norah wrote that the SAW feels as if their voices are not being heard. “It feels that those in positions to make decisions on our behalf are not looking at things from our collective point of view.”

He says that without school sports this fall, there will be higher rates of youth depression, volatile situations at home, increased stressed at home, and the inability to earn college scholarships.

“The structure and discipline provided there for members of the band, cheer, and the various other sports and activities is just not something that is reproducible at home and especially in front of a computer screen,” he says.

The SAW understands that there are risks to playing, but note that there are risks to everything. “There are risks every time we get into an automobile or step on the sports field or even risks when we walk in public if some of us ‘look’ the wrong way or say the wrong thing and can end up being attacked and even shot. This is the reality for many of us.”

In a tweet, Norah said the group is planning to march at the State Capitol in Olympia on Thursday to reinstate fall sports.

At time of writing, the petition has 6,533 signatures.

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