Watch this Washington ferry travel through incredible gusts of winds (VIDEO)

Sep 25 2020, 9:33 pm

Stepping foot outside today, you may have thought to yourself, “Wow, it’sĀ really windy.”

In case you haven’t left the house yet, we’re here to tell you that yes, it’s really windy out.

Mike Martin captured just how windy it was on his Friday Harbor to Anacortes ferry at 5:55 this morning. His video was taken from one of the car platforms and showed the waves crashing over the netting and onto the platform under the cars.

Martin hasĀ been on quite a few windy ferry rides before and isn’t usually afraid of the winds. “This time I was,” he told Daily Hive.

He mentioned that staff aboard theĀ Washington State Ferries were incredibly professional and ensured that people were okay throughout the trip.

“One crewmember even retrieved someone’s luggage that came off — walking in 8″ of water.”

Alyssa TherrienAlyssa Therrien

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