23 funny Twitter accounts to help brighten up your isolation

Mar 25 2020, 7:01 pm

Twitter is a funny place to be right now.

Considering the real world has become pretty daunting, it might be time to dive into the virtual world for a while.

If you’re not active on Twitter, what better time to start then when you pretty much can’t do anything else.

From verified accounts, to users with thousands of followers, and even those barren but clever pages with just a few, here’s who should be on your radar.

(We’ll stay away from big-time celebrities for this one too.)

The Twitter world may not have the allure of Instagram but from lengthy threads, funny jokes, and up to the minute news, the Twitterverse is something that should be explored.

Here are some funny accounts and some timely tweets to prove it.

@fred_delicious – Fred Delicious

@nicknemeroff Nick Nemeroff

@harriweinreb – Harrison Weinreb

@meganamram – Megan Amram

@david8hughes – David Hughes

@marknorm – Mark Normand

@mrjohndarby – John Darby

@briangaar – Brian Gaar 

@KateQFunny – Kate Quigley

@CaucasianJames – James

@gwenthomas33 – Gwen Thomas

@sweatyhairy– lil arab

@jasoncelin – Jason Celin

@MattPostSaysHi – Matt Will Post

@thesulk – Alec Sulkin


@wofanswers – Wheel Of Fortune Answers

@ch000ch – chuuch

@ditzkoff – Dave Itzkoff

@KimmyMonte – kim.

@james_comics – james writes comics

@jaynooch – Honest Jabe

@poetickate – poetic kate

Ty JadahTy Jadah

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