Enter the world of Twin Peaks on this guided tour just outside of Seattle

Jan 21 2020, 9:16 pm

Who killed Laura Palmer? Re-open the case by traveling into the puzzling and dark universe of Twin Peaks during a guided television tour hosted by Twin Peaks superfan, David.

In April of 1990, David was so interested in Twin Peaks that he’d bring his friends out to find the filming locations — without the help of Google. Twenty-six years later, with the return of Twin Peaks, he’s offering you the chance to “feel like you’ve stepped through the screen and into the very visceral world of Twin Peaks.”

David’s tour has three different private tour options: the Twin Peaks Season 1 and Season 2 tour, the Twin Peaks Season 3 tour, or the Complete Twin Peaks tour, which is a combination of the first two options.


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The Season 1 and 2 tour takes approximately three to four hours and begins with a 30-minute drive east of Seattle. You’ll be able to see Laura and Donna’s picnic spot, Twede’s Cafe, Twin Peaks High School, and the iconic Welcome to Twin Peaks sign.

You’ll also get to stroll over Ronette’s Bridge and see the Gazebo, the Giant Log, the murder train car location, Weyerhaeuser Mill, DirtFish Rally School, Salish Lodge, and the White Tail Falls.

The tour will end at The Roundhouse, the Secret Society Bookhouse, and Big Ed’s Gas Farm.


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The Season 3 tour also takes three to four hours and typically starts at 10 am with a 45-minute drive east of Seattle. This tour will take you to 33 locations, weather permitting, beginning at the “Convenience Store” and Dear Meadow to Jack Rabbits Place and beyond.

You’ll be able to see the New Fat Trout Trailer Park, Nadine’s Run Silent Run Drapes Store, White Tail Falls, and more.


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Tour options 1 and 2 cost $110 per person and $145 if you’re a solo traveler. For tour option 3, be ready to spend roughly five of six hours exploring. The combined tour costs $195 per person and $225 for a solo traveler.

Twin Peaks Tour

Location: Pick up and drop off at 170 S King Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-723-5201
Email: [email protected]
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