15 things we learned from TikTok that'll blow your mind

Feb 26 2021, 10:28 pm

The phrase “I’ve learned more on this app than all my years in school” really does run true for TikTok.

With over 680 million people using the app, it’s no wonder that there’s a plethora of information floating around. You can find hacks for everything from easy DIYs to food prep.

Here are 15 things that TikTok taught us that are sure to blow your mind:

When they say that there’s a 30% chance of rain, it means that it is definitely going to rain, but will only cover 30% of your area. It doesn’t mean that there is a 30% chance that it’s going to rain.

@sydjkell#stitch with @sooklyn #ColorCustomizer I have toooo many of these. I’ll do another weather one. #embarassing #iwastodayyearsold♬ original sound – Syd

Numbers on a toaster mean how many minutes it’s in there for, not the level of toastiness.

@caitlynleighrush#stitch with @sooklyn #breadtok♬ original sound – Caitlyn Rush

Self-care doesn’t have to be glamorous. “It’s figuring out a way to accept yourself.”

@sjtangy#stitch with @sooklyn what “self care” really means, words taken from the incredible writer: Brianna Wiest #selflove #ProjectCar #selfcare♬ original sound – sophie

If you get hard acne lumps under your skin, get a hand towel and bunch it up to make a point, wet it in hot water, and push it onto the pimple for about a minute. It reduces the pimple or gets rid of it by the next morning.

@marissalyssy#stitch with @sooklyn #acne #acnehacks #acneskin #fyp #foryoupage♬ original sound – Marissa Lyssy

Bananas are easier to peel from the bottom.

@kashi_054#duet with @sooklyn #somethingnewchallenge #foryou #foryourpage #fyp #learnsomethingneweveryday♬ original sound – Brooklyn ⚡️

If you’re on hormonal birth control, your period is fake. It’s just a simulated period.

@renaissancewomanhood#stitch with @sooklyn How did I know so little about the meds I was taking?? 😱 #periodtiktok #birthcontrol #nowyouknow #WordsOfWisdom♬ original sound – Mel | Renaissance Womanhood

McJagger isn’t a real name. His name is MICK JAGGER.

@babygrandmother#stitch with @sooklyn #fyp #MakeItVogue #GoodMorning i CANNOT be the only one who thought this lmaoooooo♬ original sound – shelby 😛

Life sentences in the US are 25 years, not the prisoner’s entire life.

@ginger_queef#stitch with @sooklyn I really never questioned it either like???♬ original sound – Sarah

The phonetic alphabet is an actual alphabet that many people know. It’s not just coming up with random words that start with the same letter as what you’re spelling.

@supermariosister#stitch with @sooklyn I WISH I was kidding, bet the ppl I called were like ???? kitkat ?????♬ original sound – 🦋Han🦋

Ponies aren’t baby horses. They’re their own breed.

@mattlatter49#stitch with @sooklyn not proud of this #SelfImprovement #dumbbitch #comedy #satire #foryou #fyp♬ original sound – Matt Latter

To get rid of the hiccups, take a deep breath and hold it for ten seconds. Then, breathe in more and hold for another for five seconds, and once again for another five seconds. Then breathe all the air out.

@bnazty69#stitch with @sooklyn #fyp #foryoupage #fypシ #stitch #hiccups♬ original sound – BNAZTY

It’s not illegal to turn on the lights in a car while you’re driving. Parents just say that because it’s annoying.

@melon.ic#stitch with @sooklyn♬ original sound – holly 🍓

It’s pay per view, not paper view.

@michaellaawilliams#stitch with @sooklyn pay per view♬ original sound – michaella🦋

When you forget what side your fuel cap is on, there’s an arrow on the dashboard that indicates if it’s on the driver or passenger side.

@coensealey#stitch with @sooklyn I suck… tell me I’m not the only one! #needtoknow #didyouknow♬ original sound – Coen Sealey

When bears hibernate, they don’t sleep uninterrupted through the entire winter. Sometimes, they do wake up and go back to sleep.

@tiktokhuss#stitch with @sooklyn♬ original sound – Huseyin Demirtas (Huss)

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