Sonos drops sleek premium soundbar alongside new hardware releases

May 6 2020, 10:07 pm

Just weeks after unveiling a new streaming radio service with 60,000 stations, Sonos has dropped another series of sweet releases.

And this time, they’re tangible.

To start, the company has dropped a new, smart, premium soundbar, aptly named “Arc.” The product’s title undoubtedly punctuates its sleek design and the fluidity with which it fits into an entertainment system setup.

Designed for use with TV, music, streaming, and more, the soundbar features realistic 3D sound with support for Dolby Atmos. The result? An immersive experience with world-class acoustics.

The product has 11 custom elliptical drivers, two of which are upward-facing. This is a first for the company, and it enables the brand’s Trueplay system to tune sound based on a room’s characteristics, such as ceiling height and items that sound waves will bounce off of.

Last but not least, voice controls are built in, too.

Aesthetically, the 44-inch soundbar fits larger TVs, aligning with the picture quality those screens offer. Available in both matte black or white finish, the Arc’s 270-degree curved grill and overall sleek look is the result of work by creatives across the music and film industries.

The science and artistry of music and film audio are blended in the final model, resulting in a design where form doesn’t follow function but instead flows through it.

Arc pairs best with the Sonos Sub (Gen 3) — another new release by the brand — for an optimal audio experience.

Sonos Five and Sub/Sonos

The third generation of the brand’s subwoofer, the Sub brings the same iconic design and bold bass you’ve come to know and love, with updated internals including increased memory, processing power, and a new wireless radio.

Alongside the subwoofer update, Sonos has also unveiled the Sonos Five. Another upgrade, the Five delivers the same great sound as the Play:5, but features the aforementioned updated internals — more memory, processing power, and wireless radio.

Sonos Five/Sonos

The Five is also poised to work in seamless alignment with the all-new Sonos app — launching June 8 with increased security and user interface upgrades that will make it easier to find content and control sound — plus Apple AirPlay 2, music streaming services, and more.

For those comfortable with the original Sonos app, don’t fret; older devices will continue to pair with the previous version. However, if you’re ogling over these new releases and kicking yourself for the purchase you just made of an older model, Sonos is extending its money-back guarantee for 100 days.

Meaning, yes, you can return the product you just bought and opt for a new one instead.

Sonos S2 App/Sonos

The Arc is going for $799, while the Sonos Sub (Gen 3) is priced at $699 and the Sonos Five is $499. All products are available for pre-order starting today and will ship globally and be available in stores on June 10.

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