Small business spotlight: Grimm Brothers Hot Sauce

Jul 20 2020, 8:13 pm

Spend a day as Sean Evans by creating your own Hot Ones party with Washington-made hot sauces from Grimm Hot Sauce.

The family-owned company uses three of the world’s hottest chile peppers to create a “balance of flavor and flames” in each of their sauces, spices, and rubs.

The company is constantly expanding its line of goods while “remaining true to the quality and the PNW.”

Picking what sauces you want at Grimms is tough, which is why we recommend getting a bundle of sauces.


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If you’re looking for something to season your food with, we recommend the grimmstone salt. Infused with some of the hottest peppers on earth and then open flame-roasted, the salt can be used with any dish to give it a spicy kick.

Grimm Hot Sauce

Grimm Hot Sauce

Another stellar item is the grimm hot honey which adds spice to teas, sandwiches, hams, and much more.

Grimms Hot Sauce

Grimm Hot Sauce

Those unsure of what to order should start with the lil’ grimm brothers set, which is “more about flavor than flame.” The set comes with fire potion #3 hot sauce, Verde potion #231 hot sauce, and the grimmstone salt.

Grimm Hot Sauce

Grimm Hot Sauce

Grimms Hot Sauces can be found in farmers’ markets all over Washington, Pike Place Market, and online.

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