Six Flags will require visitors to book in advance for post-pandemic opening

May 14 2020, 4:53 pm

As various venues and destinations begin to reopen gradually, US amusement park chain Six Flags has implemented a new policy for once its locations resume operations.

The company is introducing a new “guest reservation system” to promote customer safety while adhering to physical distancing guidelines to provide the best possible experience.

Although specific limits regarding the permitted number of visitors have yet to be established or announced, the health and well-being of park guests and staff remain the top concern for Six Flags, the company explains in a press release. The organization is adamant about providing guests with the appropriate space to maintain safe distancing from one another.

“To that end, we will be limiting the capacity of our parks to meet national, regional, and health officials’ recommended social distancing guidelines,” the release explains. “To facilitate limited occupancy scenarios and avoid guest disappointment at the front gate, we are, for the time being, planning to require all guests to make an advance reservation prior to their arrival at the park.”

The reservation process itself is easy and efficient and will allow Six Flags parks to determine a proper gauge for capacity limits.

“Without a reservation system, there is the risk that more guests will show up than we are able to accommodate,” the release states. This way, guests can figure out in advance, before they arrive at the park, whether or not they will be permitted entry.

The system also allows the various park locations to limit the number of visitors to arrive at the front gates at a given time, thereby eliminating overcrowding. The system works in such a way that, when making a reservation, guests select not only the date in which they would like to visit but also the time, which is dependent on availability.

As such, when they arrive at the park on that given day, they will only be allowed to enter during the specified time period that they initially booked.

While reopening dates have not yet been announced, this new process could set a precedent for other theme park openings in the future.

Across the world, Shanghai Disneyland recently reopened its gates with an extensive list of mandatory measures that visitors must follow, including wearing face masks at all times, maintaining proper distancing in ride queues, and opening with limited attendance. Similar to Six Flags, Shanghai Disneyland also required guests to book their tickets in advance.

Customers are eager to return to their favorite attractions and destinations, but they also want the added assurance that it is safe to do so. Implementing measures such as these may provide peace of mind for those wishing to engage in the fun of these destinations while maintaining a higher standard for health and safety.

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