7 Seattle YouTubers to watch while you're stuck at home

Mar 24 2020, 1:46 pm

With a large majority of American YouTubers residing in Los Angeles, it’s easy to forget about the Seattle creators who are pumping out quality content while obeying Governor Jay Inslee’s orders of staying at home.

You may have thought that you’ve seen it all on YouTube, but we promise you that at least one of these seven Seattle YouTubers will be new to you.


Speed dating shows, teachers guessing which students are high, truth or drink, and fear pong is just the tip of the iceberg with the Cut channel. Scroll through their upload listings and spend hours viewing their many, many videos.


If you’re into makeup and love drama, subscribe to Tati Westbrook. She has close to 10 million subscribers and is known for her tutorials and beefs with other beauty gurus such as James Charles.

Ben B. Seattle

At first, Ben’s YouTube channel seems a little boring. He’s a dude who looks at plants and gardens and leads you through different gardening shops. The more you watch, however, the more captivated you’ll become. His videos are also a great way of entering the YouTube rabbit hole that is gardening and fish/crocodile filleting videos.


From vlogs to “get ready with me” videos, Vivian has you covered. The Seattle/Bay Area beauty not only has a nice voice to listen to but has over a hundred videos to keep you entertained.

Nash Fung

One second you see him, the next second you don’t. It’s Nash Fung the magician, ready to amaze and entertain. Fung is not only a magician but also an inspirational speaker. He posts videos from his conferences and, lately, of how he’s keeping busy during the coronavirus self-isolation.

Taylor Wynn

With cool-girl style and tons of makeup videos, learn a thing or two during this period of self-isolation from Taylor Wynn. We love her decluttering videos — talk about satisfaction.

Monica Church

Have you wanted to know what $1,000 gets you in Seattle? How about travel tips and clothing hauls? If you answered yes to either of these, Monica Church is the channel you need to subscribe to.