7 vegan and vegetarian restaurants offering takeout and delivery in Seattle

Mar 25 2020, 3:07 pm

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s especially important to do our part to keep small businesses afloat.

If you’re in a situation where you’re able to, try purchasing one meal a week from a local restaurant.

Here are seven vegan and vegetarian restaurants that are still open and offering both takeout and delivery options.

Cafe Flora


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While plenty of the spots on our list focus on one particular style of food, Cafe Flora has grown a fandom for having a large variety of culinary adventures all under the same roof. Cafe Flora is also part of the Flora family, which runs a small vegetarian eatery in the Seattle Airport called Floret, and a vegetarian and vegan bakery on Beacon Hill called The Flora Bakehouse.

Address: 2901 E Madison Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-325-9100
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Wayward Vegan Cafe


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Known for their vegan and vegetarian platters, the Wayward Vegan Cafe is an absolute must for folks on specified diets as well as for anyone interested in feasting on some of the best eats and breakfast foods that Seattle has to offer. Delivery is available through trycaviar.com and postmates.com.

Address: 801 NE 65th Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-524-0204
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Sunlight Cafe


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This quaint, small-town-vibe cafe in Seattle is home to some of the tastiest vegetarian eats in all of Seattle. Perhaps best known for their vegan and gluten-free waffles flavored with lemon and poppyseed, the Sunlight Cafe is well worth the time to hunt down and devour. Another notable menu item is their ever-revolving selection of vegan pies.

Address: 6404 9th Ave NE #100, Seattle
Phone: 206-522-9060
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Harvest Beat


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Taking queues from exclusive high-end dining experiences, Harvest Beat serves a fixed menu, so don’t expect a lot of choice (aside from allergy accommodations). The $50 set menu for two to-go at Harvest Beat comes loaded with delectable dishes including soup, salad, and a main course.

Address: 1711 N 45th Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-547-1348

Pizza Pi


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It’s hard to live a pizza-less life, and there have been plenty of contenders popping up all over the world to satiate your pizza pie needs if you’re vegetarian or vegan. Pizza Pi in Seattle may be the unequivocal victor, especially for those in the Pacific Northwest. Not only does Pizza Pi not skimp on the toppings, but every single pizza on the menu is also available in calzone form, making it one of the best on-the-go pie shops in North America.

Address: 5500 University Way, Seattle
Phone: 206-343-1415
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Although the bar and concert section of Highline is closed, the vegetarian punk bar is still serving up delicious bar grub to-go. Visit their website to place an order.

Address: 210 Broadway E, Seattle
Phone: 206-328-7837
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Plum Bistro


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From Chef Makini Howell, Plum takes vegetarian and vegan cuisine and cranks up the class of the entire thing. The spot has lately been making family meals, ready for brunch and dinner.

Address: 1429 12th Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-838-5333
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