Twitter's Seattle offices close due to presumptive positive coronavirus case

Mar 7 2020, 12:34 am

On Friday afternoon, Twitter took to their own site to announce that one of their Seattle-based employees has been advised by their doctor that they likely have COVID-19 and are awaiting test results.

Although the employee has not been at a Twitter office for several weeks, the mega-company has decided to close their Seattle offices to deep clean.

They are continuing to encourage all employees globally to work from home if they’re able to.

This makes Twitter the third tech giant in Seattle to shut down their offices this week, with Amazon and Facebook keeping doors closed until at least March 9.

Microsoft and Google have not reported any cases of coronavirus on their campuses but have urged their employees to work remotely following the recommendations of King County health officials to avoid crowds as much as possible.

“Consistent with King County guidance, we are recommending all employees who are in a job that can be done from home should do so through March 25,” said Kurt DelBene, executive vice president of Microsoft, in a statement. They are planning on continuing to implement the CDC guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing the locations for those required to be in office.

If you are in King County and believe you were exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19, or if you’re a healthcare provider with questions about COVID-19, contact the novel coronavirus call center at 206-477-3977.

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