You can get a deconstructed latte at Seattle's Slate Coffee Roasters

Mar 3 2020, 8:18 pm

As if Seattle wasn’t hipster enough, Slate Coffee Roasters have one-upped their cool levels by offering deconstructed lattes.

The family-owned, specialty coffee roastery strongly believes that coffee should be treated with care, as it’s the most complex item that humans consume.

The roastery has a goal to share extraordinary coffees with the public, thus creating drinks such as the deconstructed latte.

For a change of pace, try a deconstructed espresso and milk for $7.

You’ll receive three wine glasses: one with a shot of espresso, one plain glass of milk, and a third, a perfect latte created with a combination of espresso and milk.


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While you may think that there is no purpose to the beverage beyond its Instagrammable capabilities, those at Slate Coffee serve the two components separately to highlight the unique flavors and attributes in each before showing you how they combine to create a familiar beverage.

Those who are interested in furthering their coffee education should try the coffee tasting flight, which includes two 5 oz hand-brewed coffees, two 5 oz ice coffees, a deconstructed espresso and milk, and a cup of hot chocolate using house-made Askinasie chocolate ganache.


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One of Daily Hive’s own coffee experts, Alfreddrinkingcoffee, has tried Slate’s Cielito bagged coffee beans and describes the cup as “a Guatemalan origin with notes of plum, a hint of pistachio, and an undertone of molasses to offer a sweet aroma, a full-body, and a sweet finish. It was immaculate.”


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Whether you’re an adventurous coffee drinker, a to-go coffee drinker, or more of a plain joe drinker, head out to Slate and let them convince you that coffees deserve more recognition than being just a to-go drink.

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