21 of our favorite Seattle restaurants with heated and tented patios

Apr 6 2021, 11:34 am

With springtime comes wonderful weather begging you to enjoy the outdoors.

One of the best ways to do so is by grabbing a drink or meal on a sunny patio.

With so many around the city, you may be wondering which are worth your while. Here are 21 of our favorite Seattle restaurants with heated and covered patios:

Ballard Pizza Co.

Ballard Pizza Co. specializes in New York-style pizza pies. Their quality pies are best enjoyed sitting on their heated patio in both locations.

Location: 5107 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle
Phone: 206-946-9960

Location: 4010 Leary Way NW, Seattle
Phone: 206-946-9966
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Sabine offers simple perfection in all of its dishes. The cafe and marketplace offers a beautiful covered seating area, perfect for a cup of coffee and lunch.

Location: 5307 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle
Phone: 206-432-9986
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The Walrus and the Carpenter


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While all the spots on this list are must-visits, The Walrus and the Carpenter has to be our favorite. The staff are well-versed about seafood and various oysters and always have stellar recommendations when needed. Now, enjoy the oysters in the tented outdoors.

Location: 4743 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle
Phone: 206-395-9227
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Musang brings people together with its Filipinx-inspired food and experience. Their heated patio is currently open. They are also available for takeout. Reservations are required and can be made on their website.

Location: 2524 Beacon Ave South, Seattle
Phone: 206-708-6871
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Along with having decadent Painted Hills natural beef burgers and cage-free organic chicken, Oak has a vegan and vegetarian menu that is sure to wow meat-eaters and plant-based folk alike. The restaurant is currently offering dining on its heated patio.

Location: 3019 Beacon Avenue S, Seattle
Phone: 206-535-7070
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Bangrak Market 


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Named after one of the most popular markets in Bangkok, Bangrak Market aims to bring the livelihood and soul of Thai street food to the bustling city of Seattle. You’ll surely feel like you’re in a street food restaurant when you sit under their patio.

Location: 2319 2nd Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-735-7352
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Ba Bar


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Enjoy classic Vietnamese favorites such as pho and beef with vermicelli at this late-night street food bar that has since become a regular-night patio and restaurant space.

Location: 550 12th Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-328-2030
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Enjoy Skillet’s massive patio while eating their modern American fare. We love their sandwiches best, although their burgers come a close second. In a way, a burger is a sandwich, though.

Location: 1400 East Union Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-512-2001
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Taurus Ox


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All of the dishes at Taurus Ox range from $6 to $14. The Laotian restaurant describes its dishes as bold, umami, spicy, herbaceous, and aromatic, all of which you’ll definitely agree with, with each bite.

Location: 1523 E Madison Street, Suite 101, Seattle
Phone: 206-972-0075
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Reckless Noodle House


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If you guessed that Reckless Noodle House serves noodles, you’d be correct. In addition, however, they also serve crispy duck rolls, spicy peanuts, wontons, and so much more, all on a gorgeous patio.

Location: 2519 S Jackson St
Phone: 206-329-5499
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Humble Pie


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Since opening in 2013, Humble Pie has been celebrating the planet, people, and pizza, with a recycled building, a zero-waste policy, and 100% organic fresh produce. Each round is made from organic ingredients, many of which are grown on-site. When you dine in, you may even be able to say hi to their chickens.

Location: 525 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle
Phone: 206-329-5133
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Island Soul


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You’ll feel as if you’re on a beachside shack when dining outside of Island Soul. Minus the waves, water, and sand, of course. Enjoy gorgeous jerk chicken and other Caribbean-inspired dishes as you bask in the great outdoors on their patio.

Location: 4869 Rainier Ave South, Seattle
Phone: 206-329-1202
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Feel like you’re having an outdoor picnic at Gracia Mexican kitchen’s heated outdoor patio. The restaurant serves up brunch and dinner as well as an array of tasty cocktails.

Location: 5313 Ballard Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-268-0217

Nana’s Green Tea 

If you want desserts, go to Nana’s Green Tea. The modern Japanese cafe specializes in matcha foods and desserts and is letting you devour them all on their patio.

Location: 1007 Stewart Street Seattle
Phone: 206-785-6477
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Eastlake Bar and Grill 


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Eastlake Bar and Grill has made the most of the pandemic by being one of the first restaurants in the city to provide customers with the wonderful opportunity to venture out of their homes and into a private dining tent.

Location: 2947 Eastlake Avenue E
Phone: 206-957-7777
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El Camino


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Enjoy a heated and outdoor patio while chowing down on the vibrant, fresh flavors of Oaxaca and southern Mexico. Be sure to order yourself a margarita or two; they’re the perfect refresher while you’re out in the sun.

Location: 607 North 35th Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-632-7303
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Fremont Brewing


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Head out to Fremont Brewing’s Urban Beer Garden for some tasty brewskies. The tasting room is open every day from 12 to 9 pm and features lovely benches underneath tents.

Location: 1050 N 34th Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-420-2407

Pecado Bueno


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Enjoy next-level tacos that have been hand-crafted using fresh, natural, and organic ingredients. Each location of Pecado offers outdoor seating to let you soak up the sun.

Location: 2356 Eastlake Avenue E, Seattle
Phone: 206-687-7423

Location: 4307 Fremont Avenue N, Seattle
Phone: 206-457-8837
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For some reason, we didn’t expect a Mexican steakhouse to have an outdoor patio. Yet, they’ve managed to build an awesome sheltered enclave fitted with heaters. Enjoy your tenderloin or tacos in a comfortable spot thanks to Asadero’s outdoors.

Location: 5405 Leary Avenue NW, Seattle
Phone: 206-659-4499
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Flying Bike Brewery 

Patios to a brewery are like meows to a cat: pretty standard. Bring your party of five or fewer and enjoy the sun and a couple of brewskies. Don’t forget your mask for when you pass through to the patio.

Location: 8570 Greenwood Avenue N, Seattle
Phone: 206-428-7709
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Meet the Moon


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Bundle up safely under a tent at Meet the Moon. The restaurant provides blankets and offers seasonal soups as well as hot drinks to keep the cold away.

Location: 120 Lakeside Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-707-9730
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